Corrective Exercises

corrective exercises chiropractor
Just as the human body is made up of multiple components, a well-rounded chiropractic treatment plan consists of multiple elements as well. Although chiropractic adjustments are certainly integral to a treatment plan, corrective exercises and chiropractic care actually go hand in hand with each other.
Although there are a multitude of health issues that chiropractic care can address, often problems stem from simple muscle tension or strain. Chronic tension in certain muscles often pulls on certain regions of the spine, eventually resulting in a subluxation. Chiropractic treatment will help with spinal realignment, however the underlying issue, muscle tension, was not addressed. In some cases, muscles become tense because other muscles are actually weak and not performing properly. Muscles near the spinal column will attempt to compensate for the weaker muscles, resulting in overuse and tension.
Corrective exercises can help strengthen the appropriate muscles so they can perform their job. Once they perform properly, adjacent muscles no longer need to pick up the slack and the spine remains in alignment. Sometimes simple bad posture or poor work or study habits cause issues with spinal alignment as well. Learning the proper way to lift a box or how to relax muscles after computer work can also help a patient reduce the likelihood of further subluxation.
We offer a wide range of exercise instruction, based on every person’s individual need. We coach you on everything from simple stretches and mobility exercises to strengthening and endurance activities such as running. We also help you navigate how to get back into whatever sport or exercise you used to do. The more we can help you get moving, the more we all win.

Corrective Exercises As An Integral Part Of Your Treatment Plan

Corrective exercises are such an important part of our treatment plans. We use state of the art software to send you videos and exercise instructions right to your email. This means that after you leave our clinic, you don't have to worry about writing down what exercises you're supposed to be doing and how to do them. We'll show you one on one how to perform your exercises and have you demonstrate them for us. As you improve we'll progress to more advanced exercises and answer any questions you have about them.

Progressing Through Your Corrective Exercises

If you're in a lot of pain, don't expect our doctors to give you a really demanding routine right away. A few appointments of chiropractic adjustments can usually bring you relief significant enough to get you moving again and ready to start making long lasting changes. When you get to this point, a corrective exercise prescription typically begins with stretching exercises which are an important first step. Many patients are surprised to see how inflexible they have become and how much it contributes to their pain and dysfunction. Stretching exercises allow the joints and tissue to become more mobile and flexible and are a great asset in conjunction with other treatments our chiropractic clinic provides.

As your flexibility and mobility increases, strengthening and muscle activation exercises are key in addressing weak muscles that have been inactive and poorly functioning. Strengthening and activating these muscles creates a stronger and balanced frame that is better able to handle the physical demands of life and activity. Many patients exhibit recognizable patterns of muscular imbalance and weakness that can be corrected effectively, and our physicians are trained to spot these.

Additional types of corrective exercises chiropractors provide may include correcting muscle firing orders, balance exercises, or exercises aimed at certain activities and functions. At OneCare Health Associates you can be assured that your chiropractor will take the time to create a personalized corrective exercise program that will address the cause of your pain or condition and get you back to feeling your best.

How Our Corrective Exercises Are Different Than Physical Therapy

Physical therapists often have you perform your exercise routine while you're at the office visit and they can supervise you. Some chiropractic offices function in this way too, and it's certainly an effective practice. Sometimes a patient's condition may respond better to supervised exercises and we never hesitate to refer you to a physical therapist when appropriate.

At OneCare Health Associates, we really want to maximize your time in the office with chiropractic adjustments and other therapies our doctors feel are appropriate. That's why we instruct you and demonstrate the exercises, and then have you complete your exercises at home or at the gym when you have time. We've found our patients prefer this practice. They know they're going to get great chiropractic adjustments and effective therapies during the appointment, and can perform the corrective exercises when they're comfortable and have time.
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